Posh brought me back to me.

Life happens. Learn to take care of yourself.


I’m sitting here at my computer thinking that I really have absolutely nothing to say. Today is my 4th wedding anniversary.  And I’m sitting at my computer typing away as I eat frozen yogurt while my husband is down in the basement eating his. But, I’m happy, and we’re in a good place.  We’re just busy.  And we’re fine with that. My phone just played part of a lullaby and told me it was time to go to sleep. I should listen to it.  I mean, after all, Posh is all about taking care of yourself and sharing that with others!

Pamper Parlor

Our first four years of marriage have been filled with life. Happiness, new houses, dogs, new jobs, new cars, new pregnancies, infant death, my near death, high risk pregnancies, and finally, two living children who are now two and a half and eleven months old.  To say that during that time I lost myself and what it mean to be me is an understatement.  Cue someone in my mom group sending me some samples that sat on my dresser for a month and a half until I finally decided to look at them.

Never tried Perfectly Posh-

So…I can’t blame people when they tell me they haven’t tried any samples.  I didn’t.  Needless to say, me finally trying them has led to so much more than I ever thought and I’ve embarked on something that has been fun, engaging, occupying, and self-preserving. I share self-care with everyone I can.

The reason I share it?  Because it’s fun, affordable, and the products are actually AWESOME. Don’t believe me?  Try some. I think people are suspicious when you say free, but seriously…I don’t charge for samples. That’d just be rude. You wanna try it, they’re yours.  Just hit the contact button and let me know.

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A sweet endingto a new beginning